Writing Challenge – A to Z – Heartbroken

It has been a while since I have written anything, and much of that is due to a new job that is keeping me busy and challenged.  But I started writing this today when I had to get my feelings out about the election and realized it fit in with the writing challenge I’d given myself now that the letter was H.  Heartbroken.  It is how I am feeling today on the dawn of the realization that we have Donald Trump as our new president.

I’m not posting this to garner hatred from either side, but merely as an outlet for the overwhelming feelings I have and don’t have anywhere else to post them.  So here I am, cracked open wide with vulnerability.

Election Feelings

Image result for statue of liberty weeping

I am heartbroken.  Not just sad, but I feel a grief and incredible loss over this election.  It is not that I love Hillary.  Do I think she was qualified?  Yes, above and beyond.  Do I think she would have done a good job?  Absolutely.  My grief is over the loss of progress.   Of equality, on so many levels being seen as the normal choice.

Now?  I don’t know what to think.

I’m scared for my Muslim friends.  Terrified.

I’m fearful for my Hispanic friends and hope they are not stopped by individuals hoping to send them back to Mexico – since as you know, all Hispanics are Mexican *rolls eyes*.

I’m terrified for my LGBT friends who may lose their rights to marry because the Supreme Court could decide this isn’t lawful after the right wing takes over and that our VP thinks conversion therapy is actually a thing.

I’m frightened for those that only have health care because it was offered to them. Was Obamacare perfect? Of course not, but it helped thousands of people who wouldn’t have care because of affordability or preexisting conditions.

I’m afraid for women, and what a right wing Supreme Court will do for abortion access, and how lower courts treat rapists with the legitimacy this Presidency makes of misogyny.

I’m anxious that all the progress – as limited as it’s been under a divided executive/legislative branch – could be repealed and we go back to what we were 50 years ago.

This man.  This frightening megalomaniac who thinks he knows better than everyone else now has access to our military, our nuclear codes, and honestly my vagina by way of the supreme court.  I am terrified and just really sad.

I pray the next two years go by peacefully and there isn’t too much rollback of the liberal policies I’ve championed for so long.  Then perhaps the Democrats can take back one or both of Congress.  

That is my bright side for today.