Writing Challenge – A to Z: Epic

Here is my letter E entry for this challenge.  You’d be surprised how hard it is to find a great photo prompt to go with an adjective starting with E.   So, Epic it is.  I found this photo and it resonated with me and where I am in my life right now, wondering where all the time has gone and how I ended here instead of the path I’d always figured I’d end up on. Not that here is so bad, just different.

So here you go, enjoy!


Just Press Pause

Shit, she was late for work– again.  It wasn’t like she had a poor work ethic, or was perpetually late to everything, but this job.  It sucked the life right out of her.  Emily had been working at the Simpson and Simpson law firm as their receptionist for the last month when their previous employee left for a new job.  After a month of fetching coffee for pompous jackholes, answering phones and filing enough folder to fill a warehouse, she was over it.  

She tapped her foot to Beyonce’s Formation, willing her train to arrive quicker than the five minutes the arrival board was displaying.  The platform was bustling, and she was jostled around to facing the pylon with the words, ‘Do Epic Shit’.  It was as if a lightening bolt struck her beside the head.  How could she have veered so far off course?  She’d come to New York, just like every other person from podunk Nowheresville, USA, looking for fame and fortune on Broadway.  She’d stopped auditioning a while back when she needed to take any job she could to pay rent.  A roof over her head, even a roach infested hole in the wall, seemed more important than living on the street for a dream.

Staring at those words, etched on the wall made her reconsider her whole perspective.  The subway rattled into the station.  Emily squeezed into a seat and pulled out her phone, binging up the Backstage website.   By the time she arrived at her station Emily had noted three shows she was planning on securing an audition for, right after she put in her notice to her current job from hell.  She’d find a waitressing or bartending gig somehow to pay the bills, but she couldn’t let her dreams pass her by without giving every last drop of blood in her soul into the endeavor.


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