Writing Challenge A to Z: Depressed

Hope you are all ready for the weekend.  Here’s my next little dribble of a story — the image based on the prompt: Depressed.




Sinking further beneath the bubbles, Audrey felt the stress of the day melt away.  Her life was spiraling out of control.  She wished it would all just melt away like she could close her eyes and slip beneath the water, never to surface again.  

It hadn’t always been this bleak, but between Audrey’s mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis and her company giving her a pink slip, it felt like a black cloud was following her around.  She’d just come home from visiting another assisted living possibility, this one even more expensive than the last one she’d visited yesterday.   The pressure of life was caving in on her, and she felt like she was drowning.  

She lit the cigarette she’d had hidden in her freezer since she’d quit six months ago, inhaling the smoke and feeling its immediate soothing effect.  She could hear her phone pinging in the other room, but sunk beneath the bubbles in an effort to tune out the world for just another few minutes.  To believe, she’d somehow be able to care for her mother in the best way possible. To hope, she might find a new job before her unemployment checks ran out or got evicted from her tiny apartment.   

For now, she enjoyed the serene silence, knowing chaos was just above the surface.


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