Writing Challenge – A to Z: Carefree

I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.  It’s taken me a bit to get back into the groove of writing.   Today, I have chosen ‘Carefree’ as my word and the below image to go with the prompt.  Enjoy!


A Change Will Do You Good


She’d been stuck in the same old rut for the last seven years.  She wasn’t sure how she succumbed to being a slave to her work, but it had somehow snuck up on her.  Like a thief in the night stealing any fun, or love life she might have had.   Working for over sixty hours a week will do that to you, not to mention send you into a body bag at a very young age.

When the pink slip suddenly shows up on your desk one day, the company deciding you’re no longer worth the money you make or the revenue you bring in, what do you do with your life?  How do you decide what’s next when you have been jogging on the same treadmill year after year singularly focused.

Kelly packed up the last box in her office, giving one spare glance over her shoulder and walked out of the building, dropping her badge at the front desk without a word.  The afternoon sun blinded her as she walked towards her car, a grin peeking out from her grim facade.  

Throwing the box in her trunk, she got into her car and sped off, dreaming of sandy beaches and fruity cocktails —  hell, maybe a cabana boy or two.



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