Writing Challenge A to Z: Alone



She sat high above the city, contemplating her next steps. The breeze wafting over the rooftop brought with it the stale scent of New York in spring. Not quite as pungent as the summer’s putrid stench, but it stung Lacey’s nose all the same. It had been two years of trying to break onto Broadway, and after twenty-five rejections and three different bartending jobs, it was time to decide her fate.

Do failed dreams ever really fade away, or did they linger like a nagging itch in the middle of your back, just out of reach? She hated to give up, but with an ailing parent back in Ohio, should I stay or should I go became more than a rock anthem. Lacey wished decisions like these were as black and white as who she was planning on voting for in the next election, but alas this was so grey it was an ever-present looming shadow.

Climbing off the ledge, she knew what she had to do. Lacey’s heart was filled with regret as she made her way down the fire escape to let her roommates know she wouldn’t be here next month. She pressed her hand to her heart as if willing away the ache that had already settled in.


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