And on second thought… The beauty of changing your mind.

Since I began mapping out my NaNo story last weekend, I’ve had some time to reflect.   During the random downtime I’ve had this week, I’ve decided to change the time frame for my planned story.  Originally I had the main character move through adolescence and into adulthood to form the plot of the story.

This time frame has been on my mind all along.  I have tiny scraps of paper in my notebook and lots of random notes written down working the plot out using this as a main focal point of my story.

Then I got to thinking, perhaps I’m stretching my MC and my reader’s attention span a little too thin.

So the light bulb went off and I’m now starting from scratch and tightening up the story.

I guess what I’m really trying to get at, is that don’t be so attached to your original plan that you can’t discover a better way of doing something.  I’m still working things out and of course, this plan will probably go through about 1,340 changes by the time it gets done, but knowing you CAN do better and that your story can BE  better because of the change makes all the difference.

So I’m doing my best to be flexible and adaptable.

Until next time,



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