NaNoWriMo – A change in perspective

I didn’t think I was going to try and do NaNo this year. I figured I was too busy and (like many other humble writers), I think all my writing is crap.   I thought about doing it last year, but with working full time, being a mother, wife – I didn’t make time to do it.  (Please note, I am a gemini, so follow through is not my best skill)

But for some reason I changed my mind.  (Nothing like changing your mind two weeks before it starts, right?)

I’ve started outlining the story I’ve had in my head for a year or so now.  I still have lots to do and to work out, plot wise, but I’m excited to try.

So I hope you will all follow my journey this next month as I attempt to hit my daily writing targets & who knows, even get a book written after all is said and done.


Stick with me baby, and hang on for what just might be a wild (and incredibly insane) journey.




Love to hear from you

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