September Writing Challenge – Deprogrammed – Flash Fiction

Here’s today’s flash story. Enjoy!


189 words

She gazed off towards the exit, wishful that she would be able to leave this horrible place instead of waiting in line for her next meeting.  That wasn’t happening though.  She’d been through this line before and knew the drill.  Every resident in this hell-hole spent fifteen minutes being deprogrammed every day.  And by ‘deprogrammed’ what she really meant was tortured in various ways to remove all hints of rebellion out of their blood.  The adults thought they were doing us a favor, our parents having dropped us off in an effort to make us people they could be proud of.  But what they didn’t realize that their attempts at brainwashing us into being bland and ‘normal’ actually did the opposite.

Our uprising was imminent.  I needed to hold on for one more treatment, through one more horror filled afternoon hoping my brain and stamina would hold out until it happened at precicely midnight tonight.

“Alecia, you’re up.”

Looking longingly towards the exit one last time, I pulled my shoulders back and walked back to the torture chamber, willing my mind to relax and focus on the prize.



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