#TuesdayTales – The Dare

It was a spooky prompt this week from @theglitterlady Tuesday Tales flash fiction.

Here’s my 297 word story to go along with the prompt: Crypt

The Dare

“I triple dog dare you,” sneered Brad, the resident bully on my street.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the lumbering boy’s lame coercion attempt.

“Fine, I’ll go in and prove to you all that there isn’t anything to be scared of. The Flannigan curse is nothing more than an old wives tale,” I replied as assuredly as I could. In reality, I was terrified, but when you were the only girl to hang out with six guys, if you wanted to fit in, fear and tears were things you never showed.

Steeling my shoulders back, I confidently made my way down the steps to the old crypt we’d already picked the lock on. Since I drew the short stick, I was the one who now had to go sit on old man Flannigan’s casket for five minutes. This normally wouldn’t have frightened me, but there’d been stories going around my whole life about his ghost guarding the tomb. It was said that if you dared to enter, you never returned.

Pulling the heavy door open, I stepped inside. Breathing deeply, I tried to calm the quaking of my knees as I took two steps into the cold, dark space. Clicking on my flashlight, I surveyed the room. Among the carved crosses and ornamental religious renderings was a solitary stone coffin set beneath a domed roof. My fear diminished quickly as I ran my hand across the cool, smooth lid, not sensing any paranormal activity.

Hearing the squeak of the door, I spun around and was met by a menacing, translucent face.

I tried to scream, but couldn’t get any air into my lungs.

“I’ve been waiting too long for another curious explorer. Welcome to forever,” the ghost screeched just as my world went dark.


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