#55WordChallenge & #ThursdayThreads posts

For Wednesday’s 55 Word Challenge

I got an honorable mention for this one.

Amira could smell their fear from a block away, creating an invisible path for her to follow. She wasn’t in a rush, knowing there wasn’t anywhere for them to go. Turning the corner, she saw the pack huddled together, fright alight in their eyes. She hissed once before pouncing, devouring her prey. 
“Now who’s dessert?”


Thursday Threads 

Prompt: “Tell me I’m not giving my life away for nothing.”

Fate of the World

The room was stale and musty, reminding me of my parent’s old basement. There was only one tiny window, smudged with years of caked on dirt. I was attempting to appear calm, but on the inside my pulse was racing, while my mind flitted from one memory to the next in rapid succession.

“Are you ready?” Gideon asked.

Looking up into his handsome face, my resolve wavered for a moment. “Tell me I’m not giving my life away for nothing. My sister will live, right?” I pled, looking into eyes of my executioner.

Pressing down on my shoulders, he instructed me to lie down. “She will, I promise.” A devious smirk flashed across his face.

My mind relaxed minutely, knowing my sister’s life was worth more than mine. She was the one who was prophesized to save the world. I was just her twin, the one with the matching DNA that could save her life, but other than that, I was inconsequential.

Gideon strapped my arms to the table and I began to panic. This wasn’t part of the plan.

“Relax my sweet. It will all be over soon enough.”

He yanked my neck to the side before taking one languid lick across my artery. Biting down, he began to drink.

When I awoke sometime later, my sister was standing across from me; her wide grin showcased her brilliant white fangs in the dim light. 

“Welcome to eternal life, sister mine. You didn’t honestly think I could rule without you?”


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