Flash Fiction – Week of June 18th

I figured I’d wait and post all my flash fiction pieces together this week.  Since most are pretty short (100 words or less) it seemed better than multiple posts each week.   ( #TuesdayTales, #55WordChallenge, #FlashFactoryFriday)

I just posted my Flash Factory Friday piece.

FFF prompts:  Condundrum, Weary and System (50-350 words)

I also decided to use this picture as inspiration.  Enjoy!

The System

Stefan’s tall, gangly body looked awkward sitting on the tiny bed in his new room.  The lumpy mattress at least had a clean white sheet pulled taut into military style corners.    Janice, the woman who’d picked him up, seemed pleasant enough, but they all usually did until he was read the riot act about what was expected of him. He’d long grown weary of being stuck in the foster system, moving from one place to another, all in the name of finding him a decent place to live and grow up.  Unfortunately, many made him feel more like an indentured servant than a child deserving of love and affection.

Pondering his situation, Stefan realized this would likely be the last family he’d be forced to live with.  His eighteenth birthday was quickly approaching and with no family to support him, he knew his future didn’t look particularly prosperous.  He was a good student, but not so exceptional he’d been able to get a scholarship or grant for college.  He’d written countless of essays and letters trying to get one single chance of being more than just another street kid, begging the world to rescue him.

No.  Stefan wanted to rescue himself.

A single knock echoed through the unadorned room and his new foster father nudged the door open wide.

“You getting settled, son?” he asked, nodding towards the suitcase sitting by the dresser still waiting to be unpacked.

Stefan shrugged, waiting for the long list of rules and restrictions that came with every new family. Knowing it would only be a matter of time before he messed up and they sent him away.

“We seem to have a bit of a conundrum–” Jack pronounced, standing in front of his new son waiting for the boy to look up.

When Stefan finally glanced at Jack, he saw something that was precious and rare.

A smile.

“Janice wants to know if you’d rather have pizza or Chinese?”

Hearing the simple question, his heart surged with hope. Perhaps he’d finally found a home, a family and, most of all, a future.


Here is my Honorable Mention entry to the 55 Word Challenge

Using this photo for inspiration:

A Witch Scorned

With the words chanted three times, the spell was cast.
Angelica could only wait in darkening wood, hoping her magic wouldn’t fail her this night.

For tonight, on the eve of the longest day, she planted the seed that would soon mature and fester until it had grown into the thing she most desired.



And last, here is my entry for this week’s Tuesday Tales

The prompts was:  Exoteric

and the image: 

 The Truth Will Set You Free

Jenna sat on a low tree limb, watching a few men practice some fancy form of martial arts, framed by the orange glow of the setting sun. Her mind drifted back to the sweet, shy smile Ashley had hidden behind after revealing her secret. It was now Jenna’s turn to open up to the man she thought could make her happy.

But it was all a lie.

The branch shifted beneath Charlie’s weight and she blurted, “I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s me.”

“How exoteric of you,” he muttered, knowing they were through.

“Unfortunately, it’s also the truth. I’m gay.”


Thanks for reading!  See you next week.

And don’t forget, Thursday, June 28th will be my first Picsperation post.


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