Don’t Cry over Spilled Coffee #FlashFactoryFriday

This was my post for Flash Factory Friday

Prompt: saccharine, asphalt, simple

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Coffee

The typical muggy Atlanta heat slapped me in the face when I exited the over air-conditioned coffee shop. Taking a long sip from my iced latte, I cringed at the saccharine sweet flavor assaulting my tongue. I glanced at the cup, only now realizing that I’d grabbed someone named Diego’s.


Spinning around, I ran into a broad chest that sent me flopping down onto the scorching hot asphalt. I jumped up, leaving the spilled drink on the ground.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered, finally looking up at the handsome man frowning down at me, wearing a soggy, coffee stained shirt.

This just wasn’t my day.

I scanned around for something to mop up the mess, but could only shrug and offer to buy him a new drink.

“Well since you snagged my first one, I imagine it’s the least you can do.” He smirked, tugging open the door to usher us both back inside.

Following along behind him, I was mortified at how quickly I’d managed to embarrass myself in front of such a strikingly good-looking man. Granted, now that I thought about it, his shirt had clung to his muscular frame in a rather appealing way. Shaking away the thought, I apologized again, stepping up to the counter to reorder our drinks.

Waving me off, he replied, “Simple mistake. You can make it up to me by agreeing to go out to dinner with me instead though.”

Peering over my shoulder, I examined Diego’s dark brown eyes, long lashes, and tanned skin and figured, why not? Perhaps my day was looking up after all.


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