#ThursThreads – Working Girl

My entry for this week’s Thursday Threads flash fiction challenge.

Prompt: “That didn’t take long.”

And the image I thought would go well with it.

Working Girl

It was her first night on the job and Ally’s nerves were on edge. Even though she’d been training for this assignment for weeks, the butterflies in her stomach just wouldn’t settle down.

“Ally, you ready,” she heard whispered in her ear as she took her place on the corner of Market and Union, a high traffic area known for prostitution.

“As I’ll ever be,” she muttered, trying to psych herself up.

She’d only been standing in her Lucite sky-high heels for a couple of minutes when a car slowed, its window descending at the same time.

“Hey pretty lady, you feel like some fun?”

Ally could barely make out the average man’s face, but the mere thought of what he was insinuating made her insides roll in disgust. “Sure hon, what’ve you got in mind?”

“Get in and we’ll chat,” the balding man offered, opening the door to allow her in.

“Fifty for a BJ and a hundred for a fuck,” Ally drawled, trying her best to sound bored with the entire exchange, even though her senses were on high alert.

“Fifty it is. Now get in so we can go somewhere a little more private.”

Stepping into his car, Ally smirked to herself while keeping her hand on the weapon strapped to her thigh.

“That didn’t take long,” her boss whispered into her earpiece, knowing the john would be arrested as soon as they turned the corner.

She really did love the adrenaline rush of undercover work.


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